Skull Tattoos

While they aren’t the most popular tattoo design, skull tattoos likely rank somewhere in the top ten. One reason for this is that they can take on so many different meanings and styles, so anyone looking for a “bad” tattoo can find a skull that appeals to them.


There is always an underlying theme of death with skull tattoos. No matter what else the tattoo is meant to represent or say, death is always there. Many times, if someone wants to get a memorial tattoo, but they don’t want the name and death-date of someone inked on them, they will get a tattoo that has a skull in it somewhere.

Many other people get skull tattoos that are comical in some way. Sometimes the skull is something to be laughed at, and the tattoo flies in the face of death. Other times, such as when the skull is wearing a jester’s hat, the tattoo may be saying that death is laughing at us, since death is the one guarantee in life.

No matter what, these tattoos are often the wearer’s way of dealing with mortality in one way or another.


There are a few times where skull tattoos are a symbol of someone’s heritage. In Hispanic culture, the Day of the Dead is a very important celebration in honor of those who have passed on. The ceremonies include a lot of ornately decorated skulls, and there is a certain style that is very popular and recognizable. Many people get this same style tattooed onto them.

Also, animal skulls can be used in many Western and Native American tattoos, celebrating these important cultures.

There are so many different meanings and styles of skull tattoos that it is really impossible to cover them all. But this means there are plenty to choose from, so anyone can find the perfect skull tattoo.

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