Flag Tattoos

Flag tattoos have to be the favorite for people who are celebrating their heritage. Since there is a unique flag to every country, and even flags for many sports and organizations, it makes sense that someone who wants to make a bold statement of pride would choose to get a specific flag tattooed onto them.

Styles of Flags

There are a couple common ways to get flag tattoos inked on. One is just to have the flag flat, as though it was a picture on paper. This is an easy way to create the image, but it isn’t the most popular. Most people like having the flag rippling as though it really is flying in the wind. This effect looks really great if done right, especially when put on the right areas of the body.

Another common style is to make it look like a flag is showing through ripped skin. This is a way of saying that your heritage runs in your blood.

Placement of the Tattoo

Like any tattoo, there is no right or wrong place for flag tattoos. It all depends on the size of the image and the effect you want it to have. On the upper arm is one of the most common places. The back, chest, and calf are also popular.

Take your time when you are deciding where to put this tattoo. Generally the entire idea of getting flag tattoos is to honor something, be it a county or a sport. This means that you want the tattoo to look great, and the effect of the tattoo will change depending on its placement. Don’t rush this part, and make sure you think it will look amazing before the artist begins.

Flag tattoos can be created from any flag in existence, so no matter which one you want to honor, you can get the perfect image for it.

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