Aztec Tattoos

The Beauty and History Behind Aztec Tattoos

There’s a certain type of person who walks into a tattoo parlor and picks the first thing they see on the wall that catches their eye. This is the tattoo they want to decorate their body with forever. However, a tattoo should have meaning. It should say something about you and about who you are. The best tattoos invoke wonder, mysticism and the artwork should be second to none. If this is what you’re looking for in a tattoo, don’t just select one off the wall. Instead, go for Aztec tattoos which are sure to provide all the qualities you’re looking for.

Unique Aztecan Art

Many people confuse the Aztecs with the Mayans and other Mesoamerican cultures. However, while many Mesoamerican peoples did adopt the same art styles, the Aztecs were different. Their art was unique and to them their artwork was sacred. And when you’re looking for Aztec tattoos, you’re immediately going to notice how intricate and powerful the Aztecan imagery is. These are amongst the best reasons why Aztec tattoos are a perfect choice for your permanent body artwork.

Where to Get an Aztec Tattoo

Whether it’s one tattoo or several Aztec tattoos, where you want to have it done on your body is a huge decision. For the Aztecs, this decision was even more difficult. Aztecs didn’t just put tattoos anywhere on their bodies. That’s because their tattoos meant something special to them, and they only placed them on their bodies in places they felt were important. This was tied in with their belief system, and in most cases the tattoos were used in rituals. This just adds even more to the mystic qualities of Aztec tattoos.

Today’s Tattoos

These days, we have tattoos done because we like the way they look, and they also allow us to express our personalities. We don’t put them in special places because of our belief systems and we certainly don’t use our tattoos in rituals. But that’s no reason why you can’t get a traditional Aztec tattoos that will not only say much about your personality, but they will invoke the wonderment and beauty that the Aztecs were so well known for.

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