Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos may be some of the most emotional tattoos out there. Some of them are linked to a person’s faith, but many have other deep-rooted meanings to their wearers. They are an excellent way to express a feeling or pay homage to someone.

Full Angel Figures

One style of angel tattoos is the full-body angel. These have the entire angel in the image, and the angel can be posed just about any way. People often opt for both male and female angels, and this does a lot to alter the meaning of the tattoo. Male angels are meant to conjure feelings of strength, loyalty, and valor. Female angels are more commonly meant to be sweet or just beautiful.

Angel Wings

Just having the wings of an angel tattooed on the back is another common style. These angel tattoos can emphasize a need for freedom. Others hold different meanings, such as the bearer being a guardian of some sort.

Fallen Angels

One style of angel tattoos that has become very popular is the fallen angel. These tattoos are much darker in both their theme and in the amount of ink used to create them, and are usually very sexual in nature. Women who wear these tattoos may be making a personal statement about their inner selves, and men who have them are normally displaying a kind of fantasy.

Memorial Angels

Some of the most heartfelt tattoos out there are memorial tattoos. These tattoos remember people who were lost, and when that person was a wife, sister, or small child, angel tattoos often sum up the wearer’s feelings. Generally the angel is made to look like the individual who died, and sometimes a name and date accompany the image.

It is easy to see why so many people choose to get angel tattoos. They can be shaped to represent so many different things.

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