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Visiting Tattoo Fever Provides A Well Rounded Education And More For A Low Price

What if there was the possibility to have access to a tattoo portfolio full of more than 14,000 different artwork designs, as well as free bonuses thrown into the package just for being an interested customer?

Tattoo Fever, located at Tattoo Fever, provides such a portfolio available for downloading for the low price of just $19.99. But the tattoo collection is not the only item a customer will receive, as many free bonuses are thrown into the mix that would ordinarily cause the package to cost over the $200 mark.

What exactly does the tattoo portfolio have within its pages?

First, there’s the aforementioned 14,000 designs a customer can navigate through to help him make the right body art decision.

Second, the designs provided in the downloadable Tattoo Fever collection are larger in size and image than what is posted on the free websites, thereby making the successful duplication and transfer of the picture onto a person much easier for the tattoo artist to carry out.

There is also 200MB of work done by tattoo artists contained within the Tattoo Fever download, which is equivalent to 1,900 different Flash sheets for a customer’s perusal. Dragon tattoos, zodiac signs, Chinese zodiac signs, Chinese letter writing and the associated meaning of each symbol, tribal designs, and much more can also be found in this tattoo portfolio download.

And, that is still not the end of what a customer will be given for the $19.99 fee.

What are some of the other free extras a customer can expect to receive when purchasing the downloadable tattoo portfolio?

For starters, there is the Tribal Tattoos bonus booklet, ordinarily worth $27 by itself. The Tribal Tattoos booklet contains thousands of designs to browse through including such things as clowns, Celtic designs, fairies, aliens, devils, dragons, monsters, suns, stars, religious symbols, flowers, cartoon characters, and animals.

The next free bonus is the Tattoo Unlimited booklet, featuring over one hundred different categorized designs and a guide with the most common questions asked, intended for the beginner who is new to the tattooing process.

Then there is the Got Ink guide. Though this guide also answers questions a beginner might have, it goes further into depth with the information it provides by answering such inquiries as whether or not it is going against a person’s religion to even get a tattoo in the first place, and what kind of demeanor a person who has decided to get a tattoo should undertake when sitting in the chair and getting ready to be inked.

The Art Of Tattoo follows on the long list of free extras. This guide is meant especially for those who are not only interested in the tattoo process itself, but are also intrigued by the career of a tattoo artist and want to have information on how to get started in the business.

Even more bonuses are to be found when buying the downloadable tattoo portfolio from Tattoo Fever, so visit the site and gain a complete tattoo education.

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