Chinese Tattoos Designs

Prepare To Get A Chinese Tattoo By Logging On To The Chinese Tattoos Designs Site

It seems that every tattoo website in the cyberspace universe offers much the same thing as everyone else – galleries of body art designs but way too many categories and choices within those categories to choose from for one’s dream tattoo.

Because the founders of Chinese Tattoos Designs understand this issue, they decided to take a different approach to the general tattoo website and narrow down their choices to just Chinese designs thereby making the picking process much less frustrating for the body art enthusiast.

What categories of Chinese designs are available for perusal at the website?

To begin, there are the more general signs such as the symbols of the Chinese zodiac, Chinese tattoos of the tribal variety, Kanji tattoos, and calligraphy writing designs.

Chinese Tattoos Designs

Categories filled with ideas meant solely for males or just for females, galleries containing full Chinese pictures and other related designs that can be inked on a person’s back, and even a tattoo similar in look to the design that professional soccer athlete David Beckham sports are all present for the picking.

The Chinese Tattoos Designs website also has a unique feature for those who want more than one Chinese name or word imprinted on their person.

For a fee of $29.95, a customer can submit his name or other word preference and receive it back within 24 hours translated into Chinese. This particular cost covers an order of up to four Chinese translated names or any other words; and for the customer interested in more than four names or words, paying $49.95 buys up to 10 translations while $97 covers up to 24 total, enough for a whole story to be written on his body!

It’s also possible for the Chinese word aficionado to purchase a translation in the form of a 925 sterling silver pendant if a permanent piece of body art is not what he prefers for himself. Featuring six different writing styles to choose from, those who have bought this customized necklace have only had positive feedback about their purchase.

An interesting section of is the portion of the site detailing the kinds of mistakes a tattoo artist can ultimately make when trying to accurately draw out a Chinese character, word, or name on a person.

Such mistakes involve applying the design in reverse order or defacing it altogether during the tattooing session.

This occurrence unfortunately happens simply because many of the tattoo artists in western America are not familiar with the Chinese language, much less how to correctly write the various symbols.

Therefore, the margin of error when drawing this kind of tattoo on a customer’s body is much greater for the artist especially if the customer has to make a second tattoo appointment with a different artist to undo the damage that was done the first time.

If the art of Chinese writing and symbols is the preference for a body art design style, logging onto will fully prepare the interested person before getting that dream tattoo.

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