by Travie Grizzle on October 24, 2013

2013 10 23 Robert Hawley

I’ve definitely heard of the phrase “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” but this is just odd.  A pig in giraffe’s skin?!  I guess we all have aspirations for something, even pigs.  I’m guessing this has some twisted meaning for the individual wearing this piece of artwork by Robert Hawley, and we could probably spend  a good part of the day trying to explore what that meaning is, but what’s the point?  This tattoo is so well done, the work needs to be commended.  Without the use of the right colors and the attention to detail, it would be nearly impossible to decipher what exactly this tattoo was.  Who knows what it would have looked like if someone at your local dive shop did this in between puffs of his cigarette in exchange for a carton of smokes and a six pack of beer.  Luckily this customer went to the right place to get this done.  Great job Robert!


Baby Hands

by Travie Grizzle on October 23, 2013

2013 10 22 David Corden

This is truly incredible.  This is inventive, beautiful and breathtaking.  I have no idea who came up with this concept, but I know that David Corden was the right person to complete this tattoo with such grace and flawless execution.  If you told me this was your idea for a tattoo, I would have laughed, because envisioning it just seems silly, however after seeing David’s work, I can’t imagine a sweeter representation of love and compassion.  Excellent job by David Corden.


The Grinch!

by Travie Grizzle on October 22, 2013

2013 10 21 Levi Hilton

You can’t be mad at a Grinch tattoo.  No matter where it is on the body or how much of the Grinch is actually shown, it’s always going to make for a killer tattoo.  This doesn’t disappoint, as Levi Hilton of Incognito Tattoo Studio in the great city of Greencastle, PA, tattoos this amazing super evil piece.  He shows an even darker side to the Grinch by carefully exposing the detail and grittiness in his teeth and the ever telling sign of rabidity in his yellowing eyes.  Amazingly crafted Grinch tattoo Levi, great work as always!


A New Traditional

by Travie Grizzle on October 17, 2013

Hoode‘s tattoos aren’t flashy and they aren’t cartoony and eye catching, but what they are undoubtedly is well executed.  The concepts he chooses to tattoo are simple, but creative in the sense that he often takes it to the next level or mixes two ideas together to form something normally unseen.  His style is obviously very rich in the traditional tattoo culture, but he’s not at all afraid to step outside of the box and take some risks with his art.

2013 10 16 Hoode


Beautiful Hand

by Travie Grizzle on October 16, 2013

Terry does some beautiful tattoos.  The way by which he sculpts images to carefully transition from one color to another is something that can only be learned through years of practicing and lots of trial and error.  Terry does amazing black and grey pieces as well, but when it comes to color tattoos, it’s hard to find anyone who can tattoo a piece with the precision and style that Terry has.

2013 10 15 Terry Ribera


Artist Spotlight: David Allen

by Travie Grizzle on October 15, 2013

Often when looking at a tattoo artist, you can look at images and notice a lot of similarities in their pieces, especially in terms of nuances and certain styles that are ingrained in the artist.
However, when looking at David Allen‘s tattoos, his range and style is so diverse, that it appears that each tattoo is done by a different artist.  The amount of well executed tattoos in his portfolio is truly remarkable.  His skills range from black and grey realism to beautiful color work using negative space as the border for the tattoo.  Absolutely stunning and amazing.

Photograph by Victoria F. Gait?n
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New Traditional

by Travie Grizzle on October 10, 2013

2013 10 9 Liam Alvy

This creative traditional tattoo was done by Liam Alvy at Nostalgia Tattoo in Leeds, UK.  The thick, bold outline really sets this piece apart and makes this something special.  Because there are only a few key areas where there is shading, the outline in a tattoo like this is so crucial because mistakes cannot be easily hidden with shading, like they can be done with tattoo styles that follow a more modern feel.  However Liam executed his outlines very carefully and I cannot find one line that I’d consider a mistake.  Beautiful execution, not to mention the creative nature of this tattoo.



by Travie Grizzle on October 9, 2013

2013 10 8 Joshua Ross

I love creative, new and unique takes on somewhat beat to death, boring tattoo subjects.  Don’t get me wrong a Stormtrooper Helmet is cool on any day, but I think we can all agree that its neat to see someone step out of the box a little on the concept.  Especially when it mixes a breaking skull underneath the helmet, that’s just taking bad ass to another level.  The proportion of everything in this piece is just perfect, if the mask wasn’t’ symmetrical or shaped correctly, the piece breaking off and exposing the skull wouldn’t have come out correctly.  The skull is also just right in size.  It doesn’t look too small or too large to actually believe it fit under the helmet.  Joshua did an excellent job executing this challenging tattoo.  Great work coming out of his shop and from his tattoo machine specifically.  Check him out!


Artist Spotlight: Esther Garcia

by Travie Grizzle on October 8, 2013


This Fennec Fox and Violet tattoo is what first turned me onto Esther Garcia‘s work.  It was obvious to me that Esther knew exactly what she was doing with a tattoo machine, and wasn’t afraid to use it.  The wisps of the fur, the feeling in the eyes, the shape of the snout and the bright, beautiful violets really make this tattoo a phenomenal work of art.  I wasn’t disappointed when I continued to look at her work.  Next seeing the vegetable half leg sleeve and then the multi-patterned chainsaw, I knew that the Fox and Violet tattoo wasn’t a fluke and that she made sure detail was a staple in all of her artwork.  I encourage you to check out her page and her samples of work, and maybe even pay her a visit at Butterfat Studios next time you’re in Chicago, Illinois.



Penny Eyes

by Travie Grizzle on October 7, 2013

2013 10 6 Justin Hartman

This creative, dynamic piece of art was created and tattooed by Justin Hartman.  A master of the game, he executed this beautiful black and grey portrait “portrait” wonderfully.  The flowing hair, the light shadowing, the negative space where the butterflies are positioned.  It all flows together and works so well.  I encourage you to take a look at his website also.  It has a lot of content on it and is full of examples of his work and fully displays his range in artistic ability.