Hardy Boy

by Travie Grizzle on November 12, 2013

I’m not sure exactly where you’ve been spending your time if you have any remote interest in tattoos and haven’t heard of Doug Hardy.  Doug is very traditional and classic in his work.  A lot of his pieces have a strong traditional feel to them.  His style is one that is set to hold up [...]


Bomb Bomber

by Travie Grizzle on November 6, 2013

The body features multiple odd shapes and contortions, especially when dealing with tattoos.  This fabulous tattoo was done by the talented Jeff Ensminger.  He was able to create a very beautiful piece out of this shoulder and arm tattoo, one that most artists would have shot down (for lack of a better term).  The curve [...]


The Grinch!

by Travie Grizzle on October 22, 2013

You can’t be mad at a Grinch tattoo.  No matter where it is on the body or how much of the Grinch is actually shown, it’s always going to make for a killer tattoo.  This doesn’t disappoint, as Levi Hilton of Incognito Tattoo Studio in the great city of Greencastle, PA, tattoos this amazing super [...]


Artist Spotlight: David Allen

by Travie Grizzle on October 15, 2013

Often when looking at a tattoo artist, you can look at images and notice a lot of similarities in their pieces, especially in terms of nuances and certain styles that are ingrained in the artist. However, when looking at David Allen‘s tattoos, his range and style is so diverse, that it appears that each tattoo [...]



by Travie Grizzle on October 9, 2013

I love creative, new and unique takes on somewhat beat to death, boring tattoo subjects.  Don’t get me wrong a Stormtrooper Helmet is cool on any day, but I think we can all agree that its neat to see someone step out of the box a little on the concept.  Especially when it mixes a [...]


Artist Spotlight: Esther Garcia

by Travie Grizzle on October 8, 2013

This Fennec Fox and Violet tattoo is what first turned me onto Esther Garcia‘s work.  It was obvious to me that Esther knew exactly what she was doing with a tattoo machine, and wasn’t afraid to use it.  The wisps of the fur, the feeling in the eyes, the shape of the snout and the [...]


All Seeing Eye

by Travie Grizzle on October 5, 2013

This All Seeing Eye tattoo is done in a very bright, new school, modern style, with a whole bunch of old school character tucked in. Mike Petroskie is the artist responsible for this great tattoo, his take on the All Seeing Eye subject is one that is fresh, new and inventive.  Most tattoos of this theme [...]


Is This Even Real?!

by Travie Grizzle on October 3, 2013

Rob Richardson proved once again that he knows what makes an amazing tattoo as he left us staring at this sleeve just scratching our heads.  This is one of those tattoos that you find yourself staring at, looking for imperfections or mistakes, to answer the question you’re asking yourself, “IS THIS EVEN REAL?!“  Although the [...]


Space Traveler

by Travie Grizzle on September 25, 2013

The style and technique of Teresa Sharpe is something to envy.  She shows off her talents beautifully in this piece, carefully masking and blending not only contrasting colors, but contrasting styles.  She goes from street art ink splatters at the top of the sleeve, to smooth and soothing beautiful new school tattoo color blending and highlighting [...]


Wired Clown

by Travie Grizzle on September 23, 2013

It’s hard to ever be mad at a piece done by the talented Mr. Randy Engelhard.  Even if you’re terrified by the look, presence or even thought of a clown, there is no denying the talent Randy brings to the tattoo community.  This post is from his Instagram account, and really does a great job [...]