Religious Themed Tattoos

Jesus Christ

by Glenna Garcia on March 1, 2012

Such a beautiful representation of Jesus through a tattoo like this. So much detail in the skin of his face. The placement of the tattoo also is a perfect spot…near the heart. This isn’t just any scene of his face, but specifically near the time when he was crucified and was made to wear the [...]


Deity With Dragon Full Back Tattoo

by Glenna Garcia on January 9, 2012

Here’s a full back tattoo of a deity in the middle with very striking colors and shades, along with very well done curves on his clothing and skin. But around him we see a more realistic variant of the traditional Chinese dragon that looks so very cool. The look of the dragons skin is really [...]


Golden Cross Back Tattoo

by Glenna Garcia on January 4, 2012

This is a very beautiful full back  Cross tattoo! It has so many amazing features about it that help to make create a truly remarkable thing to look at. Starting with the Golden Cross at the center, it is designed differently than the traditional cross – with its star-like points at the diagonals. The stained [...]


The Gaze

by Glenna Garcia on December 20, 2011

 This is a very intriguing and powerful looking tattoo. Here is a man with a crown of thorns, looking down in what is an odd perspective…it is near and far, all at once!  He has beams of light coming from his eyes and evil looking, snake-like heads coming from his beard. The detail on the [...]


Virgin Mary Half Sleeve

by Glenna Garcia on November 3, 2011

A touchingly lovely image of the Virgin Mary done by Big Gus of Big Gus Tattoo in Southern California. The flesh tone, especially, is warm and rich. The gold and blue colors are blended smooth and are bright against the skin. This particular image is interesting in that her eyes are closed.  Usually they are [...]


Buddha Hand Tattoo

by Glenna Garcia on September 28, 2011

The work on this Buddha face is so clean and smooth.  It is interesting placement on the hand like that, with rays coming out and away from the head and face.  The squiggly lines going down and onto the fingers is also a nice touch and continues the piece to it’s very end.  Too bad [...]


Udjat Tattoo

by Glenna Garcia on August 6, 2011

This is a Udjat symbol, which is an Egyptian symbol for the sound eye of Horus.  It is a rather common Egyptian sign that symbolizes healing and protection.  While usually done in a more simple black line drawing, this colored image boasts a real looking eye and some more ornate additions to the easily recognizable [...]


Both Angel And Demon

by Glenna Garcia on June 21, 2011

This was an interesting take on a theme.  While it is true that we all have a kind of “duel” nature – reflecting both good and bad qualities in our lives, this tattoo shows this as two halves of the same female angel/demon.  The angel half shows a very pretty wing, with feathers fanning out [...]


The Devil Inside

by Glenna Garcia on June 10, 2011

While devil or demon themed tattoos are rather common, this particular image caught my attention.  Great on the chest, it really  blends well with the more anatomic tattoo he has on his arm.  The idea that we all struggle with our darker side is certainly not new – but this is a somewhat literal take [...]


The Virgin Mary

by Glenna Garcia on June 5, 2011

While the Virgin Mary is a rather common tattoo seen (especially ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ images), this particular homage to Mary is quite breathtaking.  As an entire back piece, the artist had plenty of room to work.  It appears that a stone statue was probably the inspiration for the piece.  The shading and blending here [...]