Fun Tattoos

Seth Wood

by Erin Peck on August 30, 2013

This is the ultimate cat lady/old lady tattoo!  Brooklyn born artist Seth Wood with Saved Tattoo also does some pretty cool illustration and fine art.  You can check out his paintings here:  A tattooer by trade since 1998, Seth has been based out of NYC since 2001, and guested in over 40 other cities since [...]


Marie Kraus’ Tattoos

by Erin Peck on August 17, 2013

“Marie Kraus’ tattoos are charged with dynamism and energy.” With toned down cubist elements and tons of movement there’s no question that this tattoo is unique and beautiful.  ”You can find Marie working at Our Future Tattoo in Brno, Czech Republic.” What I love about this particular tattoo is the warm color palette.  ”Her unconventional tattooing style [...]



by Erin Peck on August 12, 2013

The heliosphere is a region of space dominated by the Sun, a sort of bubble of charged particles in the space surrounding the Solar System.  In this tattoo we see not only the planets orbiting the sun, but also the paths that the planets take around the sun.  I think what’s really cool about this [...]


Missing Piece

by Erin Peck on August 1, 2013

Some tattoos are good, not because of the technical aspect, but because of the idea.  This tattoo is so cute!  I features too puzzle pieces that fit together – one complementary piece on each person.  Each puzzle piece has a heart in it to further exemplify the concept that these people are soul mates.  If [...]


Say Cheese!

by Erin Peck on July 21, 2013

This tattoo will make you do a double take.  This is one of those cleverly placed tattoos that could have gone very wrong.  But, it turned out great!  Placement is not the only thing that makes this tattoo work, the shading and form were done pretty well too.  I just wish I knew who made this [...]


Cupcake with a Cherry on Top

by Travie Grizzle on July 7, 2013

What a delicious looking tattoo!  I can say that I’m honestly not as in love with cupcakes as I thought I was before I saw this tattoo.  There is obviously someone on this planet much more intrigued and dedicated to them than myself. Brent Olson tattooed this delectable dessert on this young lady’s foot and [...]


Ultimate Gaming Tattoo

by Erin Peck on June 23, 2013

This tattoo is an awesome tribute to one of my favorite things, video games!  Juilian from Corpse Painter tattoo did an amazing job bringing these familiar characters to life in this tattoo.  You can view more of his work here. This is such a vivid illustration of so many different games put together in the [...]


Blossoming Cherry Tree

by Erin Peck on June 15, 2013

The most impressive aspect of this tattoo is not the tattoo itself, but the process in which this tattoo was made.  I’ve never seen anything like this done before!  The first part of the process for this tattoo is to show a barren tree.  The second is the the appearance of cherry blossoms on the [...]


The Cheshire Cat’s Evil Twin

by Travie Grizzle on June 3, 2013

Finally!!  The Cheshire Cat has become even more bad ass.  This ingenious piece was done by Lee Collins.  Lee got to flex his imagination muscles all over this tattoo.  The most important part of the Cheshire Cat is his devilish smile, of course, and that is executed flawlessly here.  The tiny details like the wrinkles [...]


Badass Birdy

by Travie Grizzle on May 31, 2013

If you ask me she needs no introduction, but Kristel Oreto is known for her undeniable talents as well as her ability to push the envelope.  One thing that will become evident to you as you scroll through her incredibly extensive and remarkable portfolio is that she loves tattooing in COLOR, almost as much as [...]