Angel Tattoos

23 Accomplished Angel Wing Tattoos

by Michael Sojevic on July 17, 2013

I have spent many hundreds of hours looking at tattoos in my life and during that time I have saved many of my favourites. Today I have decided to share with you my favourite Angel Wing tattoos, the beauty of these wings are just astounding. So simple yet so detailed, no matter how many times [...]


Angel And Owl Back Tattoo

by Glenna Garcia on April 30, 2012

Incredible fine line tattoo from Mike DeVries of Off The Map Tattoos in Easthampton MA.  This angel and owl back tattoo took about 14 hours over a 2 day period.  Was it worth it? I think so! The female angel is beautifully articulated and every detail is soft and clean. Her expression has been captured [...]

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Guardian Angel

by Glenna Garcia on December 30, 2011

This is one of the most beautiful Angel tattoos I’ve seen yet. I love the fierce looking wings. Their shape, feathers, size, edges, and shading. The body of the Angel is very nicely shaded, defined, and stylized. The design at the bottom is very cool with the smoke-like wrappings around his legs that fade into [...]


Angel Woman

by Glenna Garcia on November 22, 2011

This Angel is standing near a fallen tree on the grass, with her hooded gown that has good shadowing on the creases and curves that give an overall charismatic look to her body, along with her reletively blank expressioned face. She has very beautiful wings that are curved, almost like a butterfly, but still recognizeable [...]


Sword Angel

by Glenna Garcia on November 21, 2011

  This is a very beautiful angel, holding a sword and wearing a necklace, with spread wings and falling feathers. The depth made upon the falling feathers is wonderfully propotioned around her body at different angles and directions. The wings themselves are good - along with her robe that goes around her body, in greatly defined [...]


Archangel Michael

by Glenna Garcia on September 22, 2011

Jun Cha of London is really an incredible and amazing artist.  This back piece of the Archangel Michael is really unbelievable.  The wings are done with some beautiful detail and shading.  They are perfectly balanced and have a grandeur about them.  The light streaming down from the heavens is another great balance element.  The body [...]

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Angel With A Dandelion

by Glenna Garcia on July 4, 2011

As angels travel the heavens at their leisure, it is nice to see them also occasionally enjoying the more mundane things that surround us humans.  Case in point, this lovely angel as it contemplates the dandelion.  Remember how we used to make a wish before blowing on the dandelion’s tendrils?  If you blew them all [...]


Full Color Angel

by Glenna Garcia on June 24, 2011

Amazing color!  This angel is flying down through some flowers and is in its full glorious color and power.  The wings are beautifully defined and the aqua blue color contrasts nicely with the fully vibrant orange with yellow/gold undertones.  The red of the flowers is softly a tone beneath and below the loud orange of [...]


Both Angel And Demon

by Glenna Garcia on June 21, 2011

This was an interesting take on a theme.  While it is true that we all have a kind of “duel” nature – reflecting both good and bad qualities in our lives, this tattoo shows this as two halves of the same female angel/demon.  The angel half shows a very pretty wing, with feathers fanning out [...]


Protective Angel

by Glenna Garcia on June 4, 2011

With this tattoo, you would really have a protecting angel ‘on your side’, right?  I know, I know, that was a bad joke!  But this is a very good angel tattoo!  It has some very nice detailing in the draping of the robe, the feathers of the wings and in the clouds.  The clouds look [...]

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