Gargoyle Cover Up

by Glenna Garcia on June 25, 2011

This guy really made a great decision to go with the new Gargoyle tattoo!  Not only is it a far cry from the former skull with horns and the strange little devil man on his shoulder, it is a sick Gargoyle scene!  The night sky above appears luminous, serving as a perfect backdrop to the wickedly grinning, red eyed Gargoyle.  Crouched in a pretty classic stance, he is full of rippling muscles and showing off leathery looking wings.  Again, he is on a stone corner piece set with skulls, which is pretty common – but it all comes together nicely AND covers up the previous tattoos really well.

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Paul July 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm

Listen, man, I’m getting this tattoo next week– I just think it’s so sick! I need your advice as it’ll also be a cover up, funnily enough..! I’m dreadful need of ideas for cover ups with respect to a continuation of this tattoo above from the upper arm (as shown) right around to the upper back. :/ I’m thinking of dark clouds spanning further back, but my inventory stops there!! Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)


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