The Who – Album Cover

by Glenna Garcia on January 3, 2011

A skillful and awesome representation of The Who album cover – done by Remigijus (Remis) Cizauskas, owner of Tattoo Prime in Dublin, Ireland.  The colors here are vibrant and smooth.  The edges are clean and the space (upper arm)  is well covered.  There is depth to the image and the colors really pop.  A fellow tattoo artist commented, “Your solid fills are blended so well, I’m really so inspired by this. I know how difficult…it is to blend so perfectly like you did here.”  Well said!  What goes together better than music legends and tattoos?  Not much!  Paying homage to a beloved group is almost always a great idea.  This beautifully done tattoo is no exception.  I do believe The Who would be honored.

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