Chris Garver Tattoo Video

by Glenna Garcia on January 20, 2012

Chris Garver Tattoo Video in Tokyo from Billy De on Vimeo.

Here’s a cool video that features Chris Garver and a inside look at the process of doing a tattoo on a man named Akira from Tokyo, Japan. He starts out by doing the preliminary ink tracing of the tattoo, which happens to be two hands held together in prayer. The tattoo was done on top of the mans head in the back – centered among some other various tattoos and tattoo lettering. It’s pretty cool to see Chris Garver working out of the country, expanding his tattoo business outside the U.S., even though it was only a fairly short trip. Still, a very nicely done tattoo with its detail of the hands and the ends of the sleeves. You can even see the veins on the hands, creases of the palm, and the finger-nails too. Great job Chris!

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