The Master, Chris Garver

by Travie Grizzle on November 26, 2013


Best known as one of the stars of A&E’s hit series “Miami Ink”, Chris Garver has continued to anoint the skin of his lucky clientele, even without all of the TV cameras following him around.  Don’t let his charming smile and laid back appearance fool you, he’s a master at what he does and has been honing his craft for quite some time.  Recognized most for his traditional Japanese style of tattooing, he is also terrific at nailing just about anything that comes his way.



Iron Mike

by Travie Grizzle on November 19, 2013

2013 11 18 Nikko Hurtado

I know I’ve posted Nikko‘s work before, but I just can’t get over how incredible and unreal this tattoo is.  It is just unbelievable how Nikko can outdo himself with every tattoo he does.  I’ve never seen sweat beads and moist skin glistening captured so realistically and perfectly as Nikko does with this Mike Tyson piece.  Those elements mixed with the facial expression and look in his eyes that replicates Tyson’s ferocious look effortlessly.   What more can I really say about this piece?  It’s just amazing.


Traditionally Speaking

by Travie Grizzle on November 16, 2013

Angelique Houtkamp

Today’s featured inkslinger is none other than the great Angelique Houtkamp.  An artist from Amsterdam, she tattoos in a very traditional style with a significant amount of unique elements added to each of her pieces.  The tattoos in this particular picture look a bit skewed because of the sharp angle where the arm connections to the hand, however these two tattoos are very beautiful in their own right.  The perfect feeling captured by the eyes and the flushing of the cheeks is a great feature of this piece.


Hardy Boy

by Travie Grizzle on November 12, 2013

2013 11 11 Doug Hardy

I’m not sure exactly where you’ve been spending your time if you have any remote interest in tattoos and haven’t heard of Doug Hardy.  Doug is very traditional and classic in his work.  A lot of his pieces have a strong traditional feel to them.  His style is one that is set to hold up very well as the years go on.  Some of the newer work coming out of tattoo shops is too focused on big bright and beautiful, because, quite frankly, it looks better on social media platforms.  But the truth is, this style won’t hold up for more than a year or two without inevitably needing a touch-up to keep the same look.   However, as represented in this tattoo, Doug’s style of solid thick lines and strong bold colors will outlive even the person wearing the ink.


White Board

by Travie Grizzle on November 8, 2013

Doo Korkmaz

This great image is was not created with Photoshop.  This is an actual tattoo done by the, obviously, talented Doo Korkmaz.  His creation and execution of this tattoo is remarkable and magical.  The effort and time he takes to sculpt each line and each shade is something to envy.  Even taking the time to strongly highlight the wispy chin hairs and eyelashes.  Emotion is felt throughout this tattoo and is completed flawlessly.  Excellent job by the ever elusive Doo (which is precisely why there is no link to any main social media page).


Beastly Head

by Travie Grizzle on November 7, 2013

Cory Norris 3

There is something both remarkable and terrifying about this head tattoo.  The ability that Cory Norris has to see “clean” skin as an open, flat canvas is truly incredible.  He totally makes this head piece work, with the right amount of shading and highlighting.  It’s also impressive that he was able to make the animals give off such a deep emotion of fear, that is actually quite real.  I don’t feel this way often but I definitely wouldn’t want to be behind him in line. [click to continue…]


Bomb Bomber

by Travie Grizzle on November 6, 2013

Jeff Ensminger

The body features multiple odd shapes and contortions, especially when dealing with tattoos.  This fabulous tattoo was done by the talented Jeff Ensminger.  He was able to create a very beautiful piece out of this shoulder and arm tattoo, one that most artists would have shot down (for lack of a better term).  The curve of the shoulder to arm connection means that the artist has to pay close attention to the direction of the tattoo in order for it to look appealing.  He did a great job tackling this hurdle as well as others that are not as apparent to the untrained eye.  Great scene, great work and great tattoo!


Every Rose

by Travie Grizzle on November 2, 2013

Andrés Acosta5

Every artist has their own gift and talent, within their artistic ability.  Finding an artist that loves or thrives when tattooing a specific subject, is key if you want to have a great tattoo on your body for the rest of your life.  Andrés Acosta seems to be unbelievably gifted when it comes to roses, of all kinds and mixed with various other elements.  His work and attention to detail is remarkable. [click to continue…]


Bearded Women

by Travie Grizzle on October 31, 2013

2013 10 30 Javier Betancourt

I don’t think I’m alone when admitting that bearded lady tattoos have always been a fascinating and intriguing tattoo subject to me.  Not only are they so remarkably odd looking, they also are done in a traditional old school style, which is something that is always interesting to analyze.  When researching what’s behind these bizarre pieces of art, it seems that this style of tattoos has been around longer than I had ever imagined.  Javier Betancourt is the artist behind this particular bearded lady tattoo, and did an incredible job on the tattoo.  The relatively small palette of colors, the precision of the outline and the right amount of depth and highlights makes for a great finished product and definitely a perfect conversation starter.


A New Take

by Travie Grizzle on October 30, 2013

2013 10 29 Tom Connors

There is no doubt that each day, more and more artists are attempting a new school style of tattooing.  There are probably many reasons for this, but one of the driving factors is that people getting tattoos like them to stand out, that means they need to be bigger, brighter and more outrageous than ever before.  That is exactly what the new school style is all about.  However, there aren’t very many artists that can take a traditional tattoo subject and completely turn it on its head, like Tom Connors can do.  For example, this horse, it could have been done in a very traditional style, to look elegant and beautiful, but instead it was done in a very rough, bright, in your face way.  This will definitely get more heads turning than a “traditional style” horse would, and that’s how you know the new school artist has done his job.